The shop is open and a look into Clan Wallace

My kilt shop is now open well over 40 tartans from traditional kilts to utility kilts, a lighter tartan and allot with a heavy weave too. Kilts start at just $99 far less than many others, kilts are a poly cotton blend, durable, custom tailored for your measurements. The kilts are beautifully sewn by masters of their craft who have been making kilts for nearly fifty years, it will take about 14 days, one fortnight in comparison to 5 to 6 months from Scotland. Adding in the cost which is around $600 and up!

Unlike most kilt sellers most only carry a select few and buy from a supplier has a partnership with a weaver who’s been in the business for fifty years. They also make the kilts in the same shop so they’re not farmed out any other tailors. From master weavers to master tailors our kilts are of the highest degree tailored made tartan kilts. We also carry utility kits including leather with tartans

We have exclusive Welsh Dragon Kilt Pins, Belt Buckles and Sporrans along with other accessories from Viking Kilt Pins and other Celtic related ones that are not commonly found every where. The whole shop has a ancestral tie in with Strathclyde/Gododdin Welsh and of course Viking and NorthWestern Europe lines where most clans originate. This blog has went into that and shall further.

Down the road we will be adding tartan bow ties, traditional Tartan Trews and Trousers, along with Tee Shirts and other items.

Here is one of the many tartans we Carry.. Clan Wallace which have a family tie as many do for myself and many others too when we factor in how family trees and DNA work. The Wallace family first came to Scotland with a Norman family in the 11th century David I of Scotland was eager to extend the benefits of Norman influence and gave grants to the nobles of the south. Among them was Walter fitz Alan, (my 28th Grand Uncle) who the Scottish king appointed his Steward in 1136 and eventually started the Stewart Clan .One of Fitzallan’s followers was Richard Wallace, who’s family had married into the FitzAlans via a daughter, came from Oswestry who came north to try to improve his fortunes . Oswestry is on the Welsh border so there is all ready tie in’s with the Strathclyde Welsh who settled around there in the 10th century.

Since he was from Wales and the Welsh really didn’t have surnames until the 17th century at best Wallace may be a corruption of Le Waleis meaning the “Welshman

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The shop will be live soon!

After about 2 and a half weeks of planing the Kilt Shop will be on line so stay tuned for the big launch, I may do a soft launch first to be sure everything is going to run smoothly, Then the big blast off! Below are photos of me in The Wallace Tartan Kilt… one of 42 different ones we will be carrying. Wallace basically means Welshmen and is tied in with the Strathyclyde Welsh who are interesting connected to Gododdin. For more info on them and the whole tie in with the Welsh and my 49th great grandfather Cunedda (and allot of other people too) there will be a link below.

Along with Tartans my Celtic Shop “Just Kilt Me” will be carrying EXCLUSIVE Welsh Dragon Gold Kilt Pins and Welsh Dragon Sporrans with the Welsh Dragon in Gold so it will be brilliantly stunning and eye catching. Soon we will be adding Welsh Dragon Belt Buckles and soon the adjustable belts too. Along with other select items too including a Welsh Dragon Brooch. These items are being personally made for my online shop and will be available NO where else!

In time Tee Shirts and a line of Tartan Underwear will be added too, along with Tartan Trousers that are made to measure just like our kilts. Utility Kilts are available too made with real leather.

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Kilt Announcement

So it has been a while since I have posted on here and there is a good reason I am in the process of launching a Kilt Online Shop called Just Kilt Me! the perfect wording .. at the start we will be carrying about 41 different tartans which is more than anyone else! We will also be carrying Long sleeve shirts and eventually Trews too which are Tartan Trousers, those are the traditional trousers that you have probably seen photos of your grandfather or great grandfather in when the waist for men came to the lower part of the belly button, the same spot where one wears kilts. Not sure when the waist for me dropped to the hip bone, women still typically measure their waist at the mid sections. TREWS are a fabulous alternative to a kilt if you don’t feel like wearing a kilt all the time, especially in chilly weather, although one can wear long wooly socks and the kilts we carry are durable for all types of weather but why not give Trews a try once we have them.

One of the Kilts we will be carrying BLUE RAMSAY

The kilt right above is Blue Ramsay and it has the Strathclyde Welsh tie in from the borders. Strathclyde Welsh/Brythonic connection stretches from Edinburgh to the Northern of England around Northumberland and Cumbria, into of course Wales and down to parts of Cornwall, sharing a common language, culture and DNA connection. All thanks to Cunedda ap Edern or Cunedda Wledig who was an important early Welsh leader, and the progenitor of the royal dynasty of Gwynedd. Who was my 49th Great Grandfather, and many many other people one way or another, due to his numerous offspring and 2-3 marriages.

The Strathclyde Kingdom originally Cumbric: Ystrad Clud or Alclud, was one of the early medieval kingdoms of the Britons in what the Welsh call Hen Ogledd, the Brythonic-speaking parts of what is now southern Scotland and northern England. It’s legacy lives on in the lines of numerous people and the connections of kilts and symbols that unites even in line that aren’t directly descendant due to numerous marriages of distant cousins. Which is one thing you will encounter once you look into your trees, the Balfours/Bethunes, Stewarts, Bruces. MacIntosh, Campbells and numerous others were notorious for marrying into pretty much all the clans one way or another.

Back to Kilts really quick because I can go this tangent forever as it is a deep passion of mine. My new shop will carry one of the LARGEST Strathclyde Clan Tartans available out there, over time we will add more and more. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the tartan you think you should wear, the statistics and history are the to say you can pretty much wear any tartan you want. Although everyone has their favourites at first but even one you are not familiar with you will find a connection wth. Kilts are just not clothing but a tangible connection to the past and to a brother/sisterhood that goes back generations.

To explain about how you can really wear any kilt … Anyone with at least ONE European ancestor is round about way everyone is descendant from Charlemange, William the Conqueror and into the clans. It’s based on the Identical Ancestor Theory… which geneticist and genealogist agree on. As your family tree gets larger the same people appear in numerous lines. It’s not inbreeding that is brother and sister, for the most of history people married their 2-5th cousins. There is 6 degrees of separation to consider too even if most people stayed in their small village there is always someone who went further, genetic connections are all over the European continent. Younger legitimate and illegitimate married into lesser nobles and landed gentry down the social network. There have always been people who travelled far and wide .. take all into consideration you only have to go back 1000 yrs to reach the identical ancestor point 80% of everyone living 1000 years ago you are related to from a King to farmer to stable boy. It is well explained in this amazing video. Overall you are bound to find a connection to a clan.. so why not embrace the Kilt!

A little more on the Kilts .. they are made by an amazing kilt maker who has been doing this for nearly 30 years in Pakistan.. yes Pakistan they make some of the best tailoring that rivals here and in Scotland.. He trained under a kilt maker in Scotland… Each kilt is made by hand NOT mass produced like other companies.. the stitching is durable and well done it will hold up for a very long time.. again unlike some other kilts I have encountered over the years. The Tartan material is poly wool blend so you can machine wash it if you need to but I do recommend using dry cleaner. The kilts take about a fortnight (2 weeks) to get to you once you have ordered due to the individual attention given to each project then factor in a 5 day shipping period to me then I send the kilt out.

We will also be carrying Kilt Pins and Belt Buckles and Sporrans but I am still in the process of arranging that…. so stay tuned!

After that ramble I will bow out.. I am just passionate about kilts, history and genealogy .. Follow me on Twitter and on Instarm too!

Gotta luv a kilts

My passion for kilts is a huge one for me it’s not just a fashionable and timeless piece of clothing it brings a connection. In particular for me the Strathclyde Welsh/Celtic tie ins. Then of course the ancestors who started the Stewart line and others. At the moment though the Welsh connections from Scotland to Cumbria down Cornwall through Wales and my 50th great grandfather Cunedda with those direct and indirect genealogical connections is fascinating

Kilts bring for me all those things into a tangible connection and they can for others too as they look into their own dna and family tree with its many branches. But remember DNA washes out and dwindles after time so one can’t rely on results alone . Also it occasionally goes to a broadly spectrum of broadly Northwestern European and that factors in to where a lot of clans originated like Flanders, Denmark and Norway along with France etc. As I’ll explain later how those clan founders came to serve the Kings of Scotland.

I still have to go into the Strathclyde connections and all the connected tartans and the border clans with family ties and intermarriages.

In closing get a kilt, get allot of kilts! They always look good no matter the time of day or the time of year! On a quick note I’m opening a Kilt shop online… more to come on that


A look at Clan Clark the sept of Clan Chattan from Scottish Kilt Shop

The name derives from religious associations, Latinised as ‘clericus,’ meaning scribe or penman. A Roger clericus is noted in Kelso, Roxburghshire between 1174 and 1178. Nine individuals of the name of Le Clerk rendered homage to Edward I of England in 1296.

Although the name appears regularly in early charters, it is not until the 15th century that it starts to evolve as a proper surname. A Johannes Clerk was Prior of Scone in 1524, and in 1623, Richard Clarke of Montrose was created a Vice-Admiral of Sweden.  The name still exists in Sweden and Finland in the form of Klerck.  In the Highlands of Scotland, Clark and Clerk are most commonly associated as Sept names of clans Cameron and MacPherson. which were part of the Chattan Confederation.

A look at the Ancient Tartan aka Ancient Balfour Blue from Scottish Kilt Shop

Clan Balfour alias Bethune, Beeton and a few others due to the fact that the senior and junior lines married into various families and the crest was kept the same and adapted. The Balfours married into virtually every clan and way outside of Fife from where they hail, way into Wales, Ireland, Mann and England and more than likey into France where their kin Bethune came from.

Being from Fife the Balfours come from a combination of Pict and Slathclyde Welsh Heritage. They show up in several lines of mine numerous time.

check out this on the Balfours

This kilt is my favourite thusly I have wanted a Balfour kilt for a very long time, there are associated tartans that the Balfours and Bethunes wear and can use (I take a pretty wide stance on which Tartan you can wear but I will go into that later) The Quality of Scottish Kilt Shop is amazing, this kilt is well put together it is going to last you won’t even have to do a quickee repair (maybe eventually but you regular kilt wearers know what I mean) This Ancient Tartan aka Balfour Blue is comfortable not too tight at the waist since it is custom made, it gives you some wiggle room incase you loose or gain a few pounds too. You don’t need a belt but I always wear a belt the one with the Welsh Dragon as a tribute to my heritage in Wales and the Strathclyde Welsh tie in in most Clans in Scotland and neighbouring areas.

The material is heavy but not overly warm like pure wool, its great for any weather if it’s too cold put on a pair of the long kilt socks…. for the summer sandals (never loafers with a kilt please) and you get the lovely upbreeze.. you gents know what I am talking about keep the boys cool 😛

The price is spot on too $49 you will not find a kilt of this quality for lower price along with numerous others, the thing I really like about Scottish Kilt shop is that they carry some rarer kilts like Oliphant and Menzies amongst many others. It’s not your usual lick kilt palce . The kiltmaking skills can rival anything more expensive and out of Scotland. Check out their website below. You are really going to love their kilts.. I am up to 7 now the last 3 have been from them and the difference in structure and durability is amazing and I will be adding more and reviewing each one. There is a video too I will get better on those I am not used to in front of the camera as a publicist but my passion for Kilts is greater than my shyness.

Until Next time.. Keep it Kilty…

My Review of Scottish Kilt Shop’s DAVIDSON Kilt

Clan Davidson

With Strathclyde Welsh roots in the Celtic/Welsh Princes Clan Davidson rose . Working it’s way down the British Isle a few Davidsons found their way to Wales, mostly during the Jacobite Crisis, ONE such member of the clan now going by the sept Davies ended up in my direct line through my maternal side to my 4th great Grandmother who married in to The Griffith(s) who descend directly from Cunedda who has Strathclyde Welsh roots… so it all comes around apparently.

When the power of the Comyns began to wane in Badenoch, Donald Dubh of Invernahaven, Chief of Davidsons, having married the daughter of Angus, 6th of MacKintosh, sought the protection of William, 7th of MacKintosh, before 1350, and Clan Davidson became associated with the Chattan Confederation.

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Mad About Kilts!

This campaign and blog is all about kilts and the cultures that embrace, from the Scot to the Irish, the Manx, Cornwall, The Welsh and more~ Of particular interest to me are the Strathclyde Welsh since allot of my family lines descend from this down into Wales and through out Scotland. The Irish too and of course the NW Europeans who came over to Scotland to serve the Monarchy there and established numerous clans.

Some of the Clans that are founded by my ancestors are: Stewart, Fleming, Balfour/Bethune, Davidson, Comyn ..just to name a few then there are those who families are married into. But we will get into that later.

 As we all know or should know every person with at least ONE European ancestor is descended from Charlemagne and at least 60% of everyone who was alive 1000 years ago and that is accounting for the 20 odd percent that did not have children. It’s all explained by this amazing YouTuber who does charts on everything and I will be posting on that later. Figuring in those facts everybody with at least ONE Welsh, Irish, Manx, English and the Channel Islands including Normandy, Brittany and of course Scotland has at least ONE Scottish Clan in there tree SOMEWHERE . That ONE clan all leads into other various clans either Scottish or Irish by direct line or married into by some distant Aunt, Uncle or cousin. So you can be specific on just wearing one Kilt of one Clan or area OR you can embrace them all because the chances are that you are related to numerous Clans from a multitude of areas.

The point of this campaign is to expose the masses to Kilts, the story behind them, who makes them. Reviewing them so you know what’s good, what’s crap and who has what kind of tartans. There are over 5000 registered tartans but not everyone carries everything and some things are really expensive, come kilts are cheap and brilliantly made others are expensive and crappy made. This blog and social media campaign should help you make good decisions.

I will cover Celtic and the related music, the kilt pins, sporrans, the family histories of not just me but all the clans.. I may even find lost kin along the way … Post links to interesting things associated with the whole Kilt culture

In general kilts are Awesome. they are stylish and who doesn’t want to look good in a era where people wear sloppy joggers all the time (Mum always told me to look my best when I left the house .. there are some excpetions to the rules but not many). In hot weather the up breeze is nice and above all they are comfortable.

I hope you enjoy this campaign I have been in PR for 27 years and have numerous clients from actors to musicians along with products even a kilt line but I am NOT biased~ I tell it like it is… I have worked with fashion designers, fashion shows etc My passion for kilts is vast I have 7 at the count of this.. but I will go into that later.

If you make kilts and want me to review your kilt making skills email me at and we will set something up. If anyone is looking for PR check out my website

Enjoy the campaign… I will be posting the Instagram and Twitter ID soon~


Al Geiner ~ Lord Gwyddelwern Lord Kintail